surfin_the_sun (surfin_the_sun) wrote,

Qu'est-ce que tu as fait hier soir? <3

So tomorrow I have to hand in the $100 check to Lehman for the French exchange trip. 
Mom doesn't want me to go. She thinks I'm gonna be miserable or that the host family is going to be a bunch of creeps or something. She doesn't think I can take care of myself. It's a week for christ's sake! Even if I was miserable, surely I could last a week. 
I'm tired of everyone thinking I can't do anything on my own. 

She actually offered to plan a trip to England. I want to go so badly, but this French trip is different. She just doesn't understand. England will have to wait. Plus, I plan to study abroad there in college, or just go on my own. I get excited just thinking about it, it'd be amazing. I'd love to stay in London or something. Go to a McFly some hot British in the some more hot British guys. What could be better? =)

I don't even care if other people go -- on the French trip or England. I think I'd be fine going by myself. There's the difference between me and a lot of my friends. They always need someone with them, someone to back them up.  I'd love to go to England on my own and stay in an apartment (flat!) or hotel and just do whatever I wanted and go anywhere. If I had enough money, that is. Haha. It'd be a lot easier than France because everyone speaks English in England, obviously. And I know most common British phrases and slang so I'd be able to understand everything fine. Unlike some people who can't even understand accents or differentiate between them. Can you tell I have a slight obsession with such things? I'm such an anglophile, hahaha. 

I wonder if all the French guys will still have mullets....

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